American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin

American Platinum Eagle Bullion Coin

As America's official platinum bullion coin, American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins give investors an easy way to take advantage of platinum as a precious metal investment. Authorized by Congress in 1996 and first issued in 1997, they are the first and only official investment-grade platinum coins from the United States Government. American Eagle Platinum coins are part of a complete precious metals portfolio available from the United States Mint. The American Eagle Platinum is the only platinum bullion coin whose weight, content and .9995 purity are guaranteed by the United States Government.

Proof and uncirculated versions of the coins are also made for coin collectors. The proof and uncirculated American Platinum Eagles are unique in the fact that they are the only U.S. bullion coins that have a yearly alternating design on the reverse.

The obverse of the Platinum Eagle features the head of the Statue of Liberty and was designed by John M. Mercanti, who also designed the reverse of the Silver American Eagle. The reverse of the Platinum Eagle carried a different design each year from 1998 through 2002. The series, known as the 'Vistas of Liberty', honors a different regional landscape each year.

American Platinum Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin
Designer: John M. Mercanti (obverse), Rotating (reverse)
Platinum Purity: 99.95% Edge: Reeded
Coin Size Face Value Gross Weight Platinum Content Diameter Thickness
1-oz. $100 1.005 troy oz. 1 troy oz.
1.287 in.
0.094 in.
1/2-oz. $50 0.5003 troy oz. 0.50 troy oz.
1.063 in.
0.069 in.
1/4-oz. $25 0.2501 troy oz. 0.25 troy oz.
0.866 in.
0.052 in.
1/10-oz. $10 0.10005 troy oz. 0.10 troy oz.
0.650 in.
0.037 in.
Dates: 1997-present
Mint: West Point

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