Canadium Maple Leaf Platinum Bullion Coin

Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Bullion Coin (Front) Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Bullion Coin (Back)

Minted from 1988-2002, each platinum Maple Leaf bullion coin prominently features Canada's national symbol, the maple leaf, and an image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. It is struck in pure .9995 fine platinum and carries a face value of 50 Canadian dollars. Each coin is manufactured to meet the high quality standards of the Royal Canadian Mint, and the weight, purity and face value of each coin are guaranteed by the Canadian government. Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins provide investors with the means to diversify, balance and stabilize a well-rounded investment portfolio. These coins enable you to take advantage of the significant price appreciation potential that today's platinum market can offer.

The Platinum Maple Leaf bullion coin carries the same obverse and reverse designs as the Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins. The obverse features a bust of Queen Elizabeth II, whose design changed in 1990 to feature a mature portrait of the Queen. In both versions, her name ('ELIZABETH II') appears at top and the denomination of the coin and the date of issue rest underneath the bust.

Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Bullion Coin
Queen Elizabeth II Bust Design: Machin (1988-1989), dePedery-Hunt (1990-1999)
Coin Size Face Value Purity Gross
Diameter Thickness
1-oz. $50 (Can) 99.95% 31.103g 30mm 2.62mm
1/2-oz. $25 (Can) 99.95% 15.5519g 25mm 1.96mm
1/4-oz. $10 (Can) 99.95% 7.7857g 20mm 1.50mm
1/10-oz. $5 (Can) 99.95% 3.1203g 16mm 1.01mm
1/15-oz. $2 (Can) 99.95% 1.5552g 15mm 0.83mm
1/20-oz. $1 (Can) 99.95% 0.0666g 14.1mm 0.79mm
Mints: Ottawa, Winnipeg

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