Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coin

Mexican Silver Libertad (Front) Mexican Silver Libertad (Back)

The handsome and popular Mexican Silver Libertad has been sold in 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, 1, 2, and 5 oz. They are denominated in "onza" (ounces) instead of pesos. The Mexican Silver Libertad bullion coin is .999 fine silver.

The coin depicts two of the biggest Mexican symbols; the graceful Independence Angel along with the “Lovers’ Peaks”. The Independence Angel is the main historic monument for the Mexican people (and is also considered the symbol of Mexico City). The “Lovers’ Peaks” in the background are two volcanoes that memorialize a prince and princess from different Indian tribes who fell in love, eloped and were eventually exiled. The reverse of the coin features the National Emblem in sculptured relief in the center which is surrounded by figures depicting the legend of "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" - the different versions of the national seal of Mexico – an eagle with a snake in its beak, standing on a cactus.

The Mexican Mint (La Casa de Moneda de Mexico) is the oldest mint in the Americas (1536).

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