Silver coins are probably the most popular way of purchasing and collecting silver bullion. Silver bullion coins include the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple leaf and the Australian Silver Kookaburra.. These all contain 1 troy ounce of pure silver. Because it is not expensive to purchase silver coins it is easy to build up a good quality.

Fun Facts About Silver

Silver kills bacteria by chemically affecting the cell membranes, breaking them down. Bacteria do not develop resistance to Silver, as they do to many antibiotics.
The expression 'born with a Silver spoon in their mouth' stems from health rather than wealth status, as children fed with Silver utensils were believed to be healthier.
Silver is the best conductor of heat of all elements. Its uses in solar panels and automobile rear window defoggers take advantage of this quality.
Silver bullion coins have the highest degree of optical reflectivity of all bullion. A Silver mirror can reflect about 95% of the visible light spectrum.
More than 2/3 of the Silver bullion produced worldwide is a by product of lead, copper and zinc mining.
In the earliest Egyptian records, Silver was considered more precious than Gold.
The name Silver originates from the Old English Anglo-Saxon word 'seolfor' meaning Silver.
Argentina was named from Argentum, the element of Silver's Latin name.
The word for Silver and money are the same in at least fourteen languages..
More silver has been used since 1990 than has been produced and stocks are being depleted.
In 1900, there were approximately 12 billion ounces of silver in the world. Today, that figure has fallen to about 300 million ounces of above-ground, refined silver.
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